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An experienced and caring family law attorney, like those at Honea Law Firm, can help you and your family navigate these difficult situations.

This page is designed to provide you with a brief overview of the different family law situations in which the Honea Law Firm attorneys are experienced:


Getting a divorce is one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Let us guide you through this legally complex and emotionally trying time.

In Mississippi, there are two types of divorce: 1) Irreconcilable Differences, and 2) Fault-Based Divorce.

Irreconcilable Differences Divorce

An Irreconcilable Differences divorce is typically faster, less expensive, and more peaceful for the parties and their family. This type of divorce requires that both parties agree on all issues such as child custody and property division. Both parties must sign the Separation and Property Settlement Agreement, the Joint Divorce Complaint, and other accompanying documents.

What if we cannot agree on everything? If you and your spouse have reached an agreement on some issues but not others, we can submit a partial agreement and allow the Court to decide any remaining issues.

Fault Based Divorce

If you and your spouse cannot agree on anything, we can sue them for a divorce on one of Mississippi’s fault based grounds for divorce. A fault based divorce can be emotionally difficult, stressful, long, and expensive. However, it is not uncommon for the parties to a fault based divorce to come to an agreement on at least some if not all issues and consent to a divorce on the ground of Irreconcilable Differences. In a fault based
divorce, the spouse seeking the divorce must prove that the defendant is guilty of one or more of the twelve fault based grounds:

1. Habitual cruel and inhuman treatment
2. Adultery
3. Being sentenced to any penitentiary for a year or more
4. Desertion for one year
5. Habitual drunkenness
6. Habitual and excessive drug use
7. Natural impotency
8. Insanity at the time of marriage, if the complainant did not know of such infirmity
9. Marriage to some other person at the time of the marriage between the parties
10. The wife was pregnant at the time of marriage, and husband did not know
11. The parties being too closely related
12. Incurable insanity

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